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7 WAYS TO DETOX YOUR MIND - Stay Calm Greetings from me to all. 2020 has given us a lot of disappointments but 2020 can't let you down. This is life and without ups and down it will be boring. Many of you may have plans for 2020 & 2021 that you will go for this. Don't let anything you down. This was just a year. It's not too late yet. Stay motivated to your goal and do things that detox your mind . Mind your own things. Don't give up on your dreams. It may take one more year to complete but don't stop your work on it. Think ye reason our dreams are the only the reason, God has sent you in 2021. The hardest thing in the world is to Stay Calm . If you have learned this you can do whatever you want. It is the very first step towards your goal. You will have to get control of your mind and once you got it you won't be an imbalance in the wrong situation like this. Just stay calm and don't feed negativity into your mind . Detoxification is a process for every



When I was in 10th class I heard a very familiar phrase "Don't underestimate the power of a common man" here I Just replace the common man with the "small things" and the result is your success. The question is How? It is easy to understand; a common man can do whatever he wants but with what?

These are the most common thing that matters in your life. These things can be your habits as well. You will have to recognize that what are those simple and small things becoming obstacles on the way to your success. If you really are serious about your success don't miss out on single things regarding your success. 

Everyone has some kinds of habits some have bad ones and some have good ones. Both habits have effects on your life same as their name. There are most chances that your life gives you according to your habits. If you have good you get good and vice versa. 


This is very important for an individual as well as in an organization for success. People must understand what are you talking about. Every single word you are saying should be clear to them. If you are trying to understand something and everything is going overhead, You are just wasting your time. If you are making some rules or decisions for them, they must know about it, and how will this going to help them. Creating an environment where everybody clearly understands everything can be tough but you make sure you are clear with everyone. 


Be the best version of yours every next day. Trying out the figure all the problem same day.  Remove, everything that makes you sad. Be happy every time. Don't mess over little things. If you can help someone, don't deny them. Try learning to say NO, If you can do something. Yes, you can ask for time. 

3. TO DO LIST - 

The best thing is, you make a TO DO LIST for the day. When the day starts make a list of works, you will complete throughout the day. Prioritize your work. Set a deadline for every work. It will help you to track your work status and you don't need to frustrate about work. You won't get mess among your tasks and it can reduce your work worries at office. You can make time for yourself. All you need to is making a To-Do List for the day.


This is the worst habit of people, they make their professional and personal same. In this condition either they can concentrate on work or they don't spend time with family. Try to make difference between office life and personal life. It is good that you are working with dedication but you have a family too. Spend some time of your day with them. It would really help to reduce your work street. So you are off just turned your cell phone off and get time for kids and family. It will give you happiness and it can give you new ideas as well. A happy person can have more ideas to complete a task in different ways.


If you always complain that you don't have time for yourself or you are too busy with your work and don't pay attention to your body. There is a suggestion for you all that, Don't complain just Wake up early, start your day with the right routine and you will definitely get time. I was also one of them who used to wake up late and making the excuse that 24 hours are not enough for me to complete my work or I have no time to spend on writing blogs. I just woke up early morning and Literally I had 3 hours for myself. In the early morning, nobody calls you whether it is your boss or your friend. 


Nowadays it's been our habit that we check for cellphone first in the morning. change your priorities, start your day with good. You have a full day for your cellphone. Start your day by moving your body, you can do exercise, yoga, or meditate in this time. 


When you wake up in the morning, your first task should be making your bed. Don't wait for mother, she will wake you up and make your bed then you will do your work. Try this, Make your bed for one week first in the morning, you will feel determined for your further works. 


Everybody, even me, Spend a lot of time choosing a dress. We spend almost half an hour on this little task. This doesn't matter that how much time we are wasting on this but the important thing we are wasting is decision-making power by making decisions over wrong things. Save this for your whole day. 


Opportunities are one of those things that should never be missed by even mistake. If someone is giving you work and you feel 1% of opportunities for you, don't deny him to help him. It will help you to find new more big opportunities. You will be able to recognize suitable opportunities for you. Don't miss just take it if you feel there is something for you. 


Sometimes you may feel irritation regarding your work. It may that you are tired. You are trying to do your work but unable to pay attention. Missing your breakfast might be a problem for this. Never miss your breakfast, It is the most important meal of the day that provides you energy for the full day.


All the game is run around listening. 90 out of 100 peoples don't listen carefully. 5 out of the remaining 10 listen but don't understand. Rest 5 people who listen but understand too. Most of your problems can be solved by listening carefully. Don't get angry when your boss scolds you for the mistakes, listen to him and make sure that you will not make the same mistake again. If you want to go on the top listing is just a step. 

There are some of the habits that can lead to achieving your goal. If I am missing something then let me know through the comment box. 


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