Hey Guys, This is the first time I am writing about how good experience is 2021 is giving to me, and I hope you are getting good vibes from 2021. At the very beginning of 2021, I got a job that I always wanted to get. There is a lot of twist in it. Have you learned anything from 2020? Your answer may be Yes or No, But mine will definitely be Yes, I got to know a lot of things from 2020. Yes I am going to talk about the things in this blog but I as this blogs topic is about my experience 

My first Experience at my First Stock Audit - Seriously guys I had never thought that someday I will get the opportunity to do audits in my career, as If you do something for the first time, either you get excited or get nervous, but this was the point I got both feelings at the same time until I reached at there for audit.

So let me tell you that It was in Alwar and  I have never seen a liquor factory before this, Phots were totally prohibited there. As an auditor, I was a guest for those guys and actually, they really made a very warm welcome. Almost 22 to 25 days I stayed there. I never face any problem there or if I had, somebody was there to help me. What I actually learned from there is " HOW TO BE A HELPING HAND". At first, I thought that it was their duty that they will have to show me respect because Auditor word comes before my name. But when I stayed there for 5 days I saw some uniqueness in everyone's nature. actually, it was not my title that was getting respect from everyone but the people were showing respect even to their juniors. Although I was an outsider on the campus, I didn't feel or maybe they didn't let me feel that they are obligate to respect the auditor.

Another First experience in 2021 is, I have heard "NOBODY CARES EXCEPT FROM YOUR FAMILY " I felt the earliest of 2021. This is the best thing I have felt in my life and I thank God too it happed at the right time...You guys just don't take it seriously because my girl didn't break my heart. she is really nice We can call it don't believe so quick kind of things even people are being so nice to you. Once they feel themselves in danger, you will see a real face. So if you guys don't want to feel this try not to be so friendly with the people who are being so nice and gentle with you.

Now I am telling the things that I can't count on in my First experience because it didn't happen to me but I have seen the people who were facing this problem...I can easily say that people prefer their cup of tea first. If you are doing the things according they say that will admire you and you will be a favorite person in their list but If you did something they didn't want to happen, even you made a mistake to do that, from the very next second you will be the worst for them. 

Some of you may have felt this, But believe me no one to be called a pupil in front of the public. If you really don't want to face this kind of thing start to take your own decision and Shoot from your own shoulder.

I felt for the first time in 2021 is that money can easily destroy the strongest bond or people just talk to you because of your money( here this not applies to all but believe you all have felt this somewhere). I included this in My First experience because I felt this recently in 2021 and from that incident I  got this blog post idea. although It is a long story. I just want to say you all have good money but let's not be it the bad part in your bonding with someone. It may be your friendship, relation, or anything. Money also has two sides first good one and the second you know the power of money. It totally depends on you how to use it because it is your money and obviously you are not going to give it to someone.

So, guys, these were the thing I felt in 2021 till now but these all has good side though because they all are like a lesson for me if I let repeat these again in life there won't be a fool like me. As life is the book and you will get a new chapter on every stage now it depends on you how you care about your book. you just read it all or let dust it on the bookshelf.

I thought I should share what happened with me in 2021. People say 2020 has taught many things but what I think is we learned from only 2020 If we would have learned from previous may we need not face this problem. If you find this happens to you too just add it in the comment box. 

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