Is PUBG banned in India…? | boycott china |

Is it THE END of Players' Unknown Battlegrounds? This is really a piece of shocking news I have heard today that is PUBG  has banned in India. Although, I used to be a PUBG lover so this is kind of shocking for me also. Banning PUBG application might be the right decision by India Govt, for some guys it had become the source of earning. 


If it comes to the national security this decision should have taken before. Although when Chinese application had banned in India, the Battle Royale comes with changing its user’s policy. It was a step by Battle Royale as a precaution to make it safe itself from getting ban here.

There may be a lot of reason Player’s unknown battlegrounds got ban. Although, it was already in the air that these Chinese applications are misusing the user’s personal data. As it is already tension going on between India and China border so this may be a big reason behind it. Almost 33 million people were having PUBG applications in their smartphone and we can easily guess that almost 10-15 million using it on an everyday basis.

This is definitely a move toward safety and makes it ensure. So banning PUBG can have both sides such as most of the people will not be able to earn form PUBG by streaming it on youtube. But national security is first at all.

 As we have heard a lot of cases in India that people are also dying due to this application and people are continually complaining about its misusing so this is really a very good move towards it. 

As a PUBG lover, it is not really good to hear that it is getting a ban but we always stand with our country so with this decision we will be as well. Most people can take wrong decisions but guys you must think once about it before you do anything.

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