9 Nutrition Hacks You Probably Don't Know

Hi everyone welcomes back, we've all heard of the saying you are what you eat but I think it's more than that you are what you absorb in this blog I'm going to share nutrition hacks to boost absorption and get the most out of the foods you eat. 

Let's get started the first trick is to grind flax seeds before you eat them when you have flax seeds whole they pretty much come out the same way they went in to be able to get the most nutrition out of them it's a good idea to grind them to break down that hard exterior you don't need a fancy grinder anything simple will do such as a magic bullet or your regular coffee grinder.

2- Eat iron and vitamin C together if you're anemic or if you're struggling to get enough iron in your diet this tip is for you to boost absorption from plant foods pair them with vitamin C rich foods when you pair vitamin C and iron together you get a big boost in absorption roughly three times as much an example would be something like dark chocolate with an orange the dark chocolate has iron and the vitamin C comes from the orange.

3- I'm the big believer in having both raw and cooked foods but when it comes to carrots cooked is better it's because it can be very hard to absorb the vitamin A the beta carotene in the carrots without cooking when you cook them you boost the absorption significantly so just cook the carrots if you want to get a big boost in absorption. 

4- Eat veggies with enough fat I'm not saying lots of fats just enough fat when you eat vegetables without fat it can be hard to absorb some of the vitamins such as vitamin A E and K are fat-soluble and need to be eaten in the presence of fat for you to absorb them a good idea is to eat your veggies with some fat you can choose things like nuts seeds and nut or seed butter avocado and other whole food sources of fat.

5- Avoid coffee and tea with mealtimes both coffee and tea block the absorption of iron so if you're struggling to get enough iron in your diet it's a good idea to avoid them during your meals the stronger the coffee or tea is the less iron you absorb from your meal so stick to herbal teas such as rooibos or try to have your coffee or tea before your meals. 

6- Eat turmeric with black pepper and fat turmeric can be really hard to absorb an easy way to boost turmeric absorption is to add some black pepper and some fat to it black pepper can actually boost absorption by over 2,000 percent it's quite significant so even a pinch of black pepper will make a difference.

7- Eat your oatmeal cold to get more digestive benefits now when you cool down starchy foods such as oatmeal and potatoes some of that starch becomes something called resistant starch basically you can't absorb it but it becomes food for your good gut bacteria now resistant starch can help weight loss benefit heart health and improve your digestive health so how do you get resistant starch all you need to do is cool your oatmeal after you've cooked it let it cool overnight and then enjoy it the next morning 

8- Cook tomatoes to absorb more of the antioxidants one of the most well-known antioxidants in tomatoes is lycopene. you probably heard about it but did you know that when you eat tomatoes raw you don't really absorb much of lycopene so if you're trying to get more lycopene in your diet a good idea is to cook your tomatoes before you eat them not only do 

9- Unsoaked beans cause gas they can be hard to absorb as well it's really hard to absorb the minerals so soak your beans overnight in water throw the water out and then cook them this reduces the gas causing offenders and makes it a lot easier to absorb the minerals from the beans.

Most of these things you already know about nutrition. But if you have found these things new and beneficial for your health do share it with your families and friends. Maybe they are seeking these nutrition hacks. I do continue to write blogs on a health nutrition lifestyle and sometimes skincare tips that sort of thing and I would love to see you around again.

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