6 Gadget Every Gentle Man Should Own

You know, as gentlemen, I think we should just be prepared for everything. On top of that, we're just grown-up boys and we love our toys. So in today's we're gonna go over 7 gadgets that I believe every guy should definitely own. 

Number one portable Bluetooth speakers. It is truly the perfect gadget to enjoy your shows, enjoy your music, your audiobooks, and especially be able to share that with your friends at parties, that get-together, after school, at the beach. Honestly, I'm sure if you sat down and think about it, the possibilities are endless of the times that you are trying to use your speakerphones from your phone, but it's just not enough. The trick to carry a small portable compact speaker that really packs a punch.  

Number two for me Apple AirPods has to be one of my favorites, it does come with a hefty price tag but the great thing is that whether you're at work or at school the AirPods are so minimal and small most people won't notice that you' relistening to your music, watching your favorite show, listening to your audiobook, and you can take calls and command Siri through that. 

The third gadget I think every gentleman should own is some sort of fitness tracker. what I really love about fitness trackers is that it helps you kind of put things into perspective it gives you goals and tangible numbers to see how many calories you're burning, how many steps are doing. And if you're a beginner this is great because it helps you set goals and allows you "alright, tomorrow I'm gonna walk this many steps" or "I'm gonna try to burn this many calories"  On top of that a lot of them help record how you sleep throughout the night to see what your sleeping pattern is to hopefully help you sleep better and of course you know sleep is important. 

Number four this is a no-brainer nobody can live without nowadays I think, and it's an external battery. I mean this is pretty simple I don't know about you guys but how many times a day or how many times a week are you always looking for an outlet to charge your phone. The thing lasts like half a day, we're always glued on our phones. Why not just carry an external battery and avoid the hassle. This power juice I carry, we reviewed it on GentsTech, it's very affordable has around 8,000 milliamps, and allows you to charge two phones simultaneously fully charged. So this thing is powerful slim and affordable. 

Number five not essential for everyone but definitely a functional tool to have, and that is some sort of pocket knife. Now you can be smart about it and carry some sort of multi-tool, that gives you multiple tools other than just a knife, kind of like a Swiss Army, has a lot more functionality. Or if you're just into knives, a good pocketknife is always great to carry. I'm always constantly opening boxes that come to the office, so I found a lot of use for it. 

Number six some sort of lightweight laptop. The one that I personally use is a 2016 MacBook Pro 15inch. I love this thing for how light and thin it is, and it gives me all the power I need. it's fast, the touch part is actually pretty efficient when I'm sending messages or editing videos so it does have a lot of power. At the end of the day, you just want something that slim and compact and serves your purpose, whether you're at school, you do photography or your edit videos, a good laptop is a gadget every guy needs.

number seven obviously a smartphone. I have to say this is probably the one thing that most of us can't live without and whether your Android or iPhone the most important part of your phone, is the case you carry with it. You want to protect your investment but you don't want to use something tacky or oversized that just won't go with your overall aesthetic. Go with something slim, that will protect. This Rhino shield is a great example of that, it's sturdy, it protects my phone, and it looks stylish. Alright boys, so that's it for this week's blog. I hope you enjoyed it

That's it for me today. See you next time! 

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