50 Things To Do When You're Stuck at House - 50 things to do in Lockdown

So many of us are staying at home during these uncertain times. To tackle the restlessness and boredom, I'm sharing 50 things you can do when you're stuck at home. Some of these ideas are more entertaining and some of them are more productive. I hope that you can find some inspiration in this blog.

Number 1: Reflect, introspect, and get in touch with your feelings. Many of us are experiencing anxiety, fear, and many other difficult emotions. Take some time to reflect and write down how you feel in a journal, and hopefully, it will make you feel a little bit better.

Number 2: Tackle items from old to-do lists. If you have any prior to-do lists, take this opportunity to tackle some of those items. This isn't exactly very fun but at least you'll be productive. 

Number 3: Organize the photos on your phone. Organizing photos can be a time-consuming process, so take this time to tackle it. Delete any photos you no longer need, organize the remaining photos into albums, and make sure you save and backup the ones you want to keep. 

Number 4: Declutter and organize your wardrobe. Declutter the items you no longer love or need, and organize the rest. If you want to take this further, fold your clothes using Marie Kondo's methods. 

Number 5: Find a new TV show to watch. If you're looking for recommendations, try using the website Tastedive. You can search for a show that you've enjoyed before and it will give you new recommendations for shows that you might like. 

Number 6: learn a new skill online. I'm taking a course on behavior and I'm also going to refine my cooking skills by taking a few classes on Master Class. You can also check out Udemy, Skillshare, and many other sites.

Number 7: do something special for your pets, or your kids or a loved one. I've been thinking about doing a pet spa day and also building a little cat house with old cardboard that I have lying around. 

Number 8: discover new music. Since I have more time I'm going to explore some new music on my Spotify account and create a few new playlists. New music can feel like a breath of fresh air especially when you're in a little bit of a rut.

Number 9: update all your passwords. It's recommended to update your passwords regularly but how many of us actually do that. Take this time to get that task done. 

Number 10: organize, clean, and declutter your fridge and freezer. Since you're stuck at home, you're going to be using your fridge and freezer a lot more. So it makes sense to take this time to make it a more functional space and clean it really well. 

Number 11: clear your inboxes. A messy inbox can feel overwhelming. Take this time to purge what you don't need and get caught up on all of your personal emails. 

Number 12: connect with friends virtually.  Because of social distancing, we can't meet our friends but that doesn't mean they can connect. Set up a virtual coffee tea or wine date with your friends and catch up. 

Number 13: cook something you've never made before. There's no time like the present to experiment in the kitchen, work with what you've got, and don't worry about trying to follow a recipe to a tee. Just enjoy experimenting and trying something new. 

Number 14: get your finances in order. For many of us money is tighter than it used to be, so take some time to run through your finances and think about the changes you can make. 

Number 15: declutter your social media accounts. Take this time to unfollow accounts that you're no longer interested in. I've narrowed down my Facebook friend list, my like page list, as well as unsubscribe from YouTube channels that I no longer watch. 

Number16: watch a funny movie or TV show that you like. Laughter is the best medicine,so when you're feeling a little bit down put on a funny TV show or movie that you know you'll enjoy. 

Number 17: organize your pantry. You'll be using your pantry a lot more in the days to come, so organizing it can be a very helpful exercise. Store similar foods together and label all your containers. 

Number 18:pamper yourself with a spa day. Going to the salon or spa is out of the question so why not pamper yourself at home? Perhaps a long bath, a face mask, or Amani-Pedi at home. Do what you enjoy! 

Number 19: get in touch with your creative side. We all have some inner creativity, let it out! If you have art supplies at home, dust them off, and use them. If you're into writing you can write a short story. 

Number 20: clean and organize your jewelry collection. Clean any pieces that you haven't cleaned in a while and organize them neatly once you'redone. 

Number 21: dust off your plants. I don't have any real plants because I have cats and they are chewers, but I do have a faux tree that is in need of a good dusting session. 

Number 22: read the books you've been meaning to read. This is a good time to catch up on your reading, especially the books that are a bit longer. If you read ebooks you can try out Kindle Unlimited, which has a good deal going on right now it's about $1for the next two months. 

Number 23: make a gratitude list. During difficult times it can be a useful exercise to reflect on the things that you're grateful for. Make a list of 10 things that you're really grateful for right now.

Number 24: try a new workout! Since we can't go to the gym it's a good time to try an online workout so you can work out at home. Some apps are currently giving a 30-day free trial so take advantage of it. 

Number 25: dance party at home. Have some fun with a little dancing, put on some music and just dance! 

Number 26: rediscover your spice collection. Many of us have spices that we hardly use. Go through your spice collection and find a spice that you've been neglecting and cook with it the next time you need to cook. 

Number 27: try your hand at origami. Origami can be a great way to pass some time while keeping you fully engaged. The YouTube channel PPO is a great place to get started. 

Number 28: visit a virtual museum. Many museums are offering virtual tours right now - here's a list to get you started. 

Number 29: try a few online tests and quizzes. These can be personality tests or quizzes to find out things, such as your decor style. Some of these tests are great for entertainment while others can be quite useful. I have a list in the description below. 

Number 30: watch nature videos. I recently started watching nature videos as a way to de-stress. Play them off of YouTube and cast on a TV. It's a really great way to relax, especially during these stressful times. 

Number 31: rearrange your furniture or your decor. This is something you can do to make your space a home feel a little bit more functional, or just to give it a fresh look. Hopefully, these changes will make it a little bit more enjoyable to be at home. 

Number 32: watch a childhood classic. Watch a movie that you haven't watched in a really long time that reminds you of your childhood. I just got a free trial to the Disney app so I'm going to watch the original Lion King. 

Number 33: learn how to take better photos. I love taking photos of the cats and I plan to learn how to use my smartphone and my DSLR better for that purpose. You can find a lot of information on YouTube as well as courses on Udemy. 

Number 34: try a new card game or perhaps you can try an old favorite. I have a deck of Uno cards that I plan to use more often. If you don't have a deck of cards you can also try a virtual card game. 

Number 35: make a dessert that reminds you of your childhood. Rice pudding is something that reminds me of my childhood and I haven't made it in years, so I plan to make it soon. 

Number 36: declutter your bookmarks and saved sites. I have a ton of bookmarks in Google Chrome that I've completely forgotten about - it's time to declare that list. Number 37: take a really long nap. There is no better way to pass the time, especially if you have a cuddly pet to nap with. 

Number 38: to try a new game on your phone. There are dozens of interesting games to choose from. Pick one that you will enjoy. I personally enjoyed trivia questions and I also started playing this logo game recently. 

Number 39: get fresh air responsibly. I'm staying at home as much as possible but still, need to get some fresh air. Every morning I crack open a window and I also go for walks on my balcony. 

Number 40: find new YouTube channels to watch. Lately, I've been watching quite a few new channels to broaden my horizons and I'm really enjoying Epicurious. I'm going to list a few of my favorite channels below. I would love for you to also list some of your favorite channels in the comments below. Let me know what you enjoy! 

Number 41: read a magazine. I love flipping through magazines when I want to just have a chill evening. If you have access to a library you can check out if they offer magazines online. 

Number 42: try a scavenger hunt at home. This is a fun idea if you have some extra time and you want to do something that's a bit different. There are a lot of different ideas on Pinterest. 

Number 43: create a photo book or a photo wall. You might not be able to get those photos printed right now, but you can select and plan a photo book or a photo wall and get them printed later. I recently got one done off of Blurb that I really liked. 

Number 44: fix the things that need fixing at home. If there's something that you haven't fixed at home for a while, get it done. Things like greasing a squeaky hinge or changing a light bulb - there's no time like the present. 

Number 45: start learning a new language. A good app for that is Duolingo. If learning a new language isn't your thing, try learning a new word of English every day. Vocabulary Builder is an app that is quite useful for that. 

Number 46:make a list of must-watch movies and watch them. I scrolled through the IMDB top 100 list and I realized that I hadn't watched a lot of those movies, soI'm planning to watch as many as I can during this period of self-isolation at home. 

Number 47: deep clean your windows. While you are deep cleaning your windows it might be a good idea to tackle some additional spring cleaning as well. 

Number 48: organize your paper documents. If you haven't organized your documents yet this is a good time to get them in order. Shred what you no longer need and store the rest in labeled folders or store them digitally. 

Number 49: get caught up on your laundry. I always procrastinate when it comes to my hand wash, so that is something that I plan to tackle during this time. 

Number 50: make some inspirational quote art. If you love the look of quote art, create your own piece. Look for some inspiration on Google Images or Pinterest. 

Thank you! Hopefully, you have found something to do if you are stuck at home or especially in this lockdown If there is that I've missed in this just let me know through the comment box.

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