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7 WAYS TO DETOX YOUR MIND - Stay Calm Greetings from me to all. 2020 has given us a lot of disappointments but 2020 can't let you down. This is life and without ups and down it will be boring. Many of you may have plans for 2020 & 2021 that you will go for this. Don't let anything you down. This was just a year. It's not too late yet. Stay motivated to your goal and do things that detox your mind . Mind your own things. Don't give up on your dreams. It may take one more year to complete but don't stop your work on it. Think ye reason our dreams are the only the reason, God has sent you in 2021. The hardest thing in the world is to Stay Calm . If you have learned this you can do whatever you want. It is the very first step towards your goal. You will have to get control of your mind and once you got it you won't be an imbalance in the wrong situation like this. Just stay calm and don't feed negativity into your mind . Detoxification is a process for every

4 Ways To Wear White Sneakers

4 Ways To Wear White Sneakers

What's up guys! Today we're talking about four ways to wear white sneakers. White sneakers are one of the most versatile types of shoes I want to show you how I like to wear them. I'll be honest, I didn't even have a pair of white sneakers until a couple of years ago. I didn't think they'd be that easy to wear, I thought they'd get dirty too quickly and that they wouldn't fit into the rest of my wardrobe. I always figured blue or gray was better options but I was wrong. A while back, I finally got my first pair of minimal white leather sneakers and I've been wearing them twice a week, sometimes more ever since I got them. I know that white sneakers are often seen as strictly spring and summer shoes but weather permitting, I think you can wear them all year round. White sneakers are also seen as a more casual shoe compared to like a Chelsea boot but you can definitely dress them up a little bit. I even know some people who like to wear their white sneakers with a suit and while I don't do that, I definitely wear them in smart casual settings. So, I'll show you four easy ways to wear white sneakers from super casual all the way up to smart casual. Let's get into it. 

Outfit number one - shorts and a t-shirt. This is a super casual warm-weather outfit that pretty much, any guy is going to look great in. I'm wearing navy chino shorts above the knee of course, and a dark gray crew neck t-shirt. Now, navy, gray, and white always look good together. Just spruce up a simple outfit like this one, you just have to add a couple of accessories. I pretty much always wear sunglasses and carry a bag that can fit my laptop. If you had a nice watch, just a subtle flex without too much flash. 

Outfit number two - athleisure. Sneakers work really well with the athleisure aesthetic because technically speaking, they're athletic shoes. Now, I like the minimal white leather sneaker but you could totally go with a canvas sneaker or high tops or even like a running shoe, like the Adidas Ultraboost, or Nike Epic React. Any of these would look great with these dark blue joggers and this dark green, cotton, crewneck sweatshirt. Now, instead of wearing like a nylon windbreaker or a technical pullover, I'm dressing this outfit up a little bit with a classic tan raincoat and my favorite compact umbrella. This outfit is extremely comfortable. It's perfect for lounging around or running errands, on a rainy Sunday afternoon. 

Outfit number three - jeans and a Henley. Jeans and Henley shirts go together like, Brad Pitt and David Fincher. If you put them together, it's probably going to work out nicely. Now, I like low contrast outfits, so I prefer lighter wash jeans with a lighter Henley. Especially, when I'm wearing lighter shoes like white sneakers. For outerwear, you could wear pretty much any type of medium weight jacket. I like the field jacket, especially an olive green but you could wear a topcoat, a bomber, Harrington, or a leather jacket with this get-up. As always, adding a couple of tasteful accessories will help elevate a simple outfit in a way that seems very effortless. 

Outfit number four - smart casual. When it comes to wearing white sneakers in a less casual way, this is about as formal as I go. Layering a button-up shirt, under a sweater is one of the easiest ways to create a smart-casual outfit. Notice three small details that make this outfit a little more casual. First, the sweater, to be a crew neck sweater always seems a little more casual than a V-neck sweater. So, I think that this sweater goes really well with this outfit. Second is the untucked shirt. Letting your button-up shirt show under the sweater is a casual, kind of preppy detail that makes it look like you're not trying too hard even if you are. If you tucked in the shirt, it would clean up the look a little bit and make it a little less casual and a little more appropriate for an office environment. So, if I was gonna wear this like a casual Friday in an office environment, I've probably tucked the shirt in. And the third is the socks. Now, if you know me, you know, that I almost never recommend going with colorful bold or novelty socks but if the rest of your outfit is pretty subdued, you can definitely get away with adding a pop of color with your socks, if it suits your personality. So, those are four easy ways to wear white sneakers but I'd love to hear from you. Do you own a pair of white sneakers? And If so, how do you like to wear them?  stay stylish! 


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