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7 WAYS TO DETOX YOUR MIND - Stay Calm Greetings from me to all. 2020 has given us a lot of disappointments but 2020 can't let you down. This is life and without ups and down it will be boring. Many of you may have plans for 2020 & 2021 that you will go for this. Don't let anything you down. This was just a year. It's not too late yet. Stay motivated to your goal and do things that detox your mind . Mind your own things. Don't give up on your dreams. It may take one more year to complete but don't stop your work on it. Think ye reason our dreams are the only the reason, God has sent you in 2021. The hardest thing in the world is to Stay Calm . If you have learned this you can do whatever you want. It is the very first step towards your goal. You will have to get control of your mind and once you got it you won't be an imbalance in the wrong situation like this. Just stay calm and don't feed negativity into your mind . Detoxification is a process for every



HUMILITY and PATIENCE are two most important soft skills people must have and constantly do practice on this. These two skills can be gained by a lot of practice. This is not only work in your personal life but it is very useful in professional life. In modern era, most of the people do not have patience and due to this they are facing many problems. Humility and Patience are very hard to gain, because we can't expect a flower from a seed in overnight. It takes a long time. 

Patience is a virtue, either you will get it naturally or you will have to make hard efforts. You will get it naturally by your parents, and if you don't have, you have to make hard efforts as same you do to gain a soft skill. Buddha give us a perfect example of patience and humility. 

There is no victory that doesn't include patience and humility. In every cultural we can see the importance of patience this may be The Bhagwat Geeta, Guru Granth Sahib or The Bible. 


These two thing make you to listen another people. Listening people make you more stronger than anything. 
If you have patience, it doesn't mean that you never get frustrated, you will know how to deal with situation. It doesn't mean that you don't get angry on something, you will avoid to make decision while you are angry. When you will be a patient person you will start to find resolution for every problem because you will not decide things in s quick manner. 

Patience is also important for your career, it plays an important role to achieve your goals, to make your forward decision. Patience is the only key to unlock the door of highest person you wanted to ever be, because once Swami Vivekananda said;
The fruit falls from the tree when it gets ripe. So wait for the time to come. Do not hurry. Moreover, no one has the right to make others miserable by his foolish acts. Wait, have patience, everything will come right in time.


PATIENCE stands for being calm. When you will be calm, you will have control on emotions. You will never get hijack by your emotions and will never make wrong decision. You will be know how to respond to given event. If you will have control over emotions it will lead you towards the success. 


Sometime patience seems old fashioned in this modern era because you need to make quick decisions now to defeat your competitor. As I already mentioned that patience will lead you towards the success because patience is one of those virtues. When you will be patient you will be far away form negative stories of judgement. We all are human being and want to make quick decisions but not wrong.  Here if you are patient you will live in present moment. By being in the moment, you will make wise decision and you can easily forecast your ideas that how long it will work and how can you turn your idea into new one. 
If possibly you make wrong choice, instead of getting panic you will try to find a  new solutions and want to make improvements.


"HOPE" It seems a very little word but have changed many lives. Somewhere it shows your confidence. People easily lose their hope with what are they doing. Here patience bring you a hope because you are not going to be successful overnight. You will have to wait for what you deserve. If you are doing something you will have to go through may situation is may be bad or if it is bad just have patience because there is a day after every night. 

HUMILITY the another weapon for unlimited success.

This has same importance as being patient. But both play different roles in life. The worlds best example of humility is THE BUDDHA. Once he said  "The mind is everything. What you think you become"

If you are doing good to others you will get back good. You need to be humble, some times being humble seems like a negativity but In reality, humility is a type of modesty that will get you very far in your life as a person, a contender, and a leader. 


The earth is round and you will get what you have done to others. Be humble to everyone. Saying sorry won't let you down but it will make you remarkable in front of people. People can judge you easily so why you are giving them a chance to let them think bad about you. Your behavior is your key of love. You don't need to compete yourself with others, if you can defeat yourself you can achieve anything you want in life. 


Now a days people think that if they will ask questions people will make fun of them, yes it is true as well. 
But a humble person will know that if you are asking questions it will not make you weak, it will make you strong both mentally and physically. 

The best example what happens if you would have not ask any questions. Remember a kid ask more questions than a adult because he is not afraid of anything. He wants to learn new thing . Be that kid now if you want to achieve goals ask questions and get out of your comfort zone.


Although a humble person don't ask for feedback but he automatically gets one. If some is giving you a feedback you will be happy with your work because feedback is the most important thing you will need to improve yourself. If you are improving you will get confidence and believe me you will need not someone for motivates you because now you would have built confidence. Once you will be humble you will not scared of asking help and sharing hand. 

You can share your opinion through comment box. 

Thank you
Vaibhav saini


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