Hi guys, hope you all are doing well. Everybody wants to get fair and healthy skin. Most common issues I’ve heard are pimples, pigmentation and redness.Everybody wants to get rid of pimples. In this blog  I’m gonna cover all three topics. Everybody has questions regarding their skin type, products to use, skin tone and a lot of. I’ll talk about the most common questions that have been put up by my friends and family members. 

So let’s get start with the most important question of teenage problem, ,suffering from acne and want to get rid of it,

Acne is a very common problem in teens and everybody wants to get rid of acne or it’s marks. There are a lot of reasons for acne such as excess sebum oil, hormonal problems, an imbalanced diet, the use of  wrong products, drinking less water and many more. The most important thing if the top of your hairs are touching your face is that may be the cause for acne. So find out your problem and treat your skin accordingly.

I put this question on second because most of the guys already know their skin type.
So,there are three types of skin: Oily, Dry and Normal. People with normal skin don’t face such kinds of skin issues, But people with Oily and Dry skin may be familiar with such problems .
It is easy to recognize oily skin because there will be a shine on cheeks but not in the forehead or if you dab your face with a tissue tissue also my get oil. 
If you feel your skin tight it is kind of dry skin or when you wash your face and after 5 minutes you get kind of white rashes on skin. It is also dry skin.

Yes! Yes! Yes! A proper diet can give a  better skin than using a product. Skin is also a part of your body, such as you add protein in your diet to muscle gain, skin also needs this.
Such vitamins and minerals are very important for healthy skin. Now it all depends on you how you add these in your diet. Vitamin C and Vitamin D are precious for your skin.

  Yes, products are important if you want to get results in a short time but that result would no longer. You may get more skin issues by using a product. You will need a guide to use products. If you want to get results that would last longer just work on your body’s inner side try to get all the nutrition that your body needs.
So choice is yours. What do you want and how do you want to work on your body?

I think these were the most likely questions we may hear anywhere.

There are some tips I want to give you that I have used and have an experience with. 

1. First and very important thing to get healthy skin is drinking a lot of water throughout the day. We should drink 3-4 liter water everyday. By drinking water you can hydrate your body as well. Water makes Vitamin and Minerals accessible and it can go to different parts of the body. Consumption of enough water improves your digestion system so you can save yourself from heartburn in your stomach.

2. Wash your face twice a day, once in morning and second at night before bed. You can use face wash and scrub both time but I would suggest you wash your face with normal water. Massage gently on your cheeks, make a round shape, and on forehead. I am suggesting you normal water because whenever you wash your face with face wash you get brightness on face for a little time and it gets darker, you may feel it easily. 

3. At night when you wash your face don’t rub it just splash water on your face and dry it with a soft towel. I will recommend you a microfiber towel that can absorb water easily and you don’t need to rub it .

4. If you have long hairs, make sure that your hairs ain’t touching your face because it may cause acne. You can use a hair band for it.Try to avoid using oil on your face. Changing of products on face also may cause acne.

5.    Choose your product wisely. First do study on your skin and use a product. Don’t copy anyone because everybody has a different type of skin and copying someone may give you bad results.

6. Try to add Fiber and Vitamin C in your diet to get good and healthy skin. As you already know Vitamin c is very beneficial for skin. You should eat fruits and veggies which are high in Vitamin C. You can add Lemon, oranges, Kiwi, Papaya, Spinach in your diet. You can start your day with the glass of lemon water that will give you Vitamin C and will exfoliate your body. A glass of  Lemon water will flush waste from your body everyday. For fiber you can add banana, wholewheat items, beans and peas in your diet. Fiber helps you to give a good tone of skin color.

7.  Sleep enough if you want to get healthy and clear skin, When you sleep your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol can lead to increased stress and inflammation in the body, hurting your skin's quality. You must sleep for 8 hours a day.

8. Vitamin D is also very important for skin that is also very easy to get. You can have a quality vitamin D in the early morning  at the time of sun rise and in evening also.

9. Doing yoga is also beneficial for glowing skin. You can add yoga in your daily routine and can get rid of many skin problems. 

10. In India,especially in summer, your skin gets damaged by harmful sun rays. Cover your face and other body parts to save yourself from sunburn. Always use sunscreen whenever you go out.

11. keep you skin always hydrate While you may be hesitant to moisturize, your skin needs it. Using the right moisturizer can combat dryness caused by exposure to the elements, other products you’re using, or even through the winter.

It is easy to get clear skin. You just need to set a goal and mind all the precautions. 
You can get very good products in the market by that you can get clear skin in less time but that won’t be longer.
I am suggesting you to try natural ways to get healthy skin. Always try to heal your skin from your inner body, give it all nutrients required by adding in your diet. A good balanced diet.

Thank you.

Vaibhav saini

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