Ways to Save Money and Time

Greetings to all, this it is the time of management for everything whether it is your money or your time. As I’m a student and facing this problem also that how I can save my money as well as time and I’m sure that most of you have been in this situation. You just need to manage all things around you and you will be able to save time as well as your money. First of all, you need to point out the things that where are you making mistakes and wasting money and time.
If you doing this then you need to start cutting your time and money that you were wasting. There are some ways according to me that may help you to prevent your most precious thing of life.
Let’s talk about these ways and how they're gonna help you.

1. Prefer Your Education First

All the things you’re gonna do in future is
depend on your education. So don’t get stuck in your education try to meet your seniors and ask them for a suggestion. Then you’d be able to choose the right things for you and won’t get confused between more and more courses. Do the thing that is suitable for you because most of the students are wasting there time following other guys and this also a big reason for wasting time.

2. Start to Follow Your Passion 

The main reason behind wasting time is following other while you should follow your passion. Most of the guys ain’t recognizing their passion and follow the others. So the another thing you need to do is following your passion and then you’d be able to save the time as well as your money.

3. Set up Your Goals

You can clear your way by setting up your amis. First Write 15 goals on a white paper and then select only three from them which are important to you. Put your all dedication to complete your three goals and you’d be able to complete your another 12 goals. By determining of the goals you can save your time and money easily.

4. Always Have an Alternate of Everything

This is the most appropriate thing to save money because all the time you don’t have a good budget so try to use alternates of the things that are necessary to you.

5. Use a virtual Assistant 

Now a days you don’t need to hire an assistant because all things has been available on your smart phone. You just need to download a virtual assistant in your smart phone that can remind all thing you need to complete on time. This is how you needn’t to pay anything to anyone and your all work will be done on time.

6. To-Do list

If you can’t remember the things that you need to do on time that this is the great option for you to prepare a To-Do list. But you need to keep eyes on your list and you won’t miss any work this would definitely save your time.

7. Buy in Bulk

If you’ll go for the shopping everyday it would take a lot of time so try to buy in bulk. There’re two benefits of buy on bulking that you don’t need to go market every single day and you’d get discount on the products that’s how you would be able to save your time and money.

8. Prepare a Budget for a Month

Budget is a forecasting of thing that you will do in the near future. Budget help to exclude the things that you don’t need for and help to save money in the right manner.

9. Be Creative with Limited Sources

Present time no body is satisfy with the things that he has. Everybody wanna live in his comfort zone and don’t wanna face the problem of actual world. So try to come out of your comfort zone and start to explore the things. It’d take time a lil bit but when you’ll know the unlimited uses of limited sources you’d get a brand new skill at that point. In the long rum you’re gonna save millions.

10. Negotiation

Everywhere ladies try to negotiate the prices and it saves your money. So be the  king and don’t feel shame to negotiate. Negotiation is possible in almost every purchasing.

11. Car

If you have a car you need to maintain the car every single day so be carefull while using your car. Always set a reminder for servicing it. This may save your time.

12. The 80/20 rule

In case if you don’t know about this rule than first I must tell you that you that 80% of your result depends on you 20%. So start to make your 20% of the effort for getting the result of 80%.

These were my ways to save money and time. If I missed something tell me through comments. Let me know how do you save your time and money.

Thank you,
Vaibhav Saini

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